Richard "Dick" Hardly is a one-shot villain from The Powerpuff Girls. Dick was the friend to Professor Utonium, but he only cared about himself. When he saw the Powerpuff Girls, Dick wanted to use them so that he can profit off their powers. Dick appeared in the two-part episode "Knock it Off".


In the past, Dick was friends with Utonium in college. He was often seen using Utonium to help him get through classes while he partied with others. Many years later, Dick found Utonium and was interested in the Powerpuff Girls. He sees them as a way to make a lot of money but Utonium caught onto his scheme and told Dick to stay away from him and his family. However, Dick met with the girls and tells them to give him the Chemical X. Dick uses the chemical to start up a business where he creates replicas of the Powerpuff Girls, called the Powerpuff Girlz Xtreme, who are deliberately botched and deformed. He sells them on the market and gains plenty of fortune for himself but his creations end up succumbing to their deformities. One day, Dick found that his people made a perfect replica of Buttercup. Dick’s response was to have her killed for her Chemical X. Dick was later confronted by the Powerpuff Girls for his actions. As they told him to give them back the Chemical X, Dick swallows the chemical. After convulsing painfully from swallowing the chemical, Dick transforms into a powerful monster. He overwhelms them in their fight. Utonium tries to plead with Dick to stop attacking the Powerpuff Girls, but Dick states that he will make Utonium his slave. Dick managed to kill the Powerpuff Girls. Outraged at the lack of care Dick shows his creations, the Powerpuff Girlz Xtreme attack Dick and eventually kills him. The Powerpuff Girls are revived after the incident.

What Makes him Pure Evil

  • Took advantage of Professor Utonium since the inception of their "friendship".
  • Shows no remorse for hurting people to get what he wants.
  • Unlike all the other The Powerpuff Girls villains, Dick Hardly has no redeeming or comedic qualities to his character. In addition, he changes the tone of the story and is treated seriously during his time in the show.
  • Dick got the Chemical X to intentionally make Powerpuff Girls who are physically and mentally botched. He made thousands of them and sold them off for profit, and to market them off with expected good publicity as a hero who wishes to fight global crime. In reality, he does not care about them at all about them as individuals. Dick only cared about them as items he can sell on the market to put money in his pocket.
  • Dick committed murder by having a perfect replica of Buttercup killed so that he can use her Chemical X to make more botched versions of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Traps the Powerpuff Girls and plans to suck all the Chemical X out of them, and decides that he would kill the girls and keep the professor as his slave. Despite Professor Utonium offering to work for him and make more Chemical X for the rest of his life as a favor for him if he lets them go.
  • Dick ended up killing the Powerpuff Girls, despite his initial promise to free them as he offers to enslave Professor Utonium to get more Chemical X for him instead. He is the only villain that actually managed to pull off that feat of killing the three main protagonists, while not even caring that they are children, let alone the children of his own former roommate.

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