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You ruined my entire existence! I’ll kill you!! You @#$#%&^*!!!
~ Zeth Drastic expressing his unbridled hatred for Eogo

Eogo Ali Tainter (Pronounced E-oh-go Ah-lee Taint-er) is as of now the primary antagonist of the ongoing, and difficult to follow dark fantasy Insinmind, debuting officially from Balboa Press publication in April 17th, 2019 written by Allen Knox, this is a villain who is both male and female and is a powerful Insintation who is responsible for nearly or arguably all of the horrible events that are happening in the series, and is known in setting the five categories of sin that is not particularly the more mainstream seven deadly sins that many would know.

Important note


This part will be about the grammer on anything that may contradict Eogos pure evil status as publishing companies may have something written to be inaccurate as to what the villain is supposed to be as Balboa Press is known to have grammatical errors for novels and if there any grammer that may contradict Eogo please inform me the author of the series about it because this happens frequently with in the company.

More will be added about the matter of this subject


As the shadowy he/she goat, Eogo is seen as if he/she is a storm of a goat shaped storm darkness eating up souls in it's mouth. The shadowy he/she goat can described as a void of non-existence, with the phrase turn into nothing be of what the shadowy he/she goats appearance is supposed to represent.

In one of the other images of Eogo within the novel, is him/her having a darkened body, showing eyes that have pupils and none of the cross on his ears are broken.

Eogos more known image is him/her as a white anthropomorphic goat with red clothing, triangle shades on his/her eyes and two upside down crosses on it's ear, with one on its right ear being broken. His/her eyes are dark orange that has no pupil or white cornea. The clothings are a red alb and has a necklace with 6 blue pearls and black goat emblem on the bottom.



In the older form of Eogo known as the Shadowy He/She goat, it is described to have some pleasure with the souls being damned into it's mouth, with the Shadowy he/she goat enjoying the fact that they being separated from the Almighty Flame.

Minimal description can be given about Eogos personality, mainly because he/she is never seen speaking, but it should be noted that this character showed no shred of remorse when shoving spiders in 4-year-old Zeths mouth, and torturing and killing the millions of civilians like as if they were nothing more than bugs to be sprayed. Committing heinous doings not only seemed like the breath of fresh air to him, but was of Eogos nihilistic treatment on disposing of life.

According to Allens twitter Eogo has a hatred for pure goods, but why he/she hates them is yet to known, with only this on how Eogo may want pure goods to be gone so that pure evil can reign supreme.

Powers and Abilities

In Afternoon Solipsism

  • Alzheimer Creation: Eogo can cause Alzheimer's to be in effect rapid fast on people.
  • Aquatic Respiration: Eogo can breath underwater
  • Cordblock: Can cause an equalization of speed of some one who may be faster than him.
  • Crasength:
  • Dimemfoe: A power that can claw through the space time continuum which was a feat done by Caprin on the drawing in chapter 9: Mizisipilop of the novel that can even be carried out by several infinites that Eogo is stated to be vastly above.
  • Duplication: Eogo can make many duplicates of him/herself with no effort.
  • Nervdone: An ability that can cause high levels of pain inducement affecting the nerves as well.


In the first few pages of Chapter 1: Formation of a Tyrant, there is a shadowy goat figure, shown to be a stealer of sparks from a flame, called the Almighty Flame, this alone causes the sparks to be misguided and to be swallowed by the goat figure fading into nothing. What these writings are supposed to depict is the character of Eogo Ali Tainter himself/herself, on the motives behind his/her actions being chaos and nihilism that involve primary key aspects being I. Power, II. Existance, III. Influence, IV. Them Us, Why and V. Heavy Burden. As some point possibly in the 1920s Caprin was present to have a part with Eogos work. Throughout history as an extremely powerful Insintation member, an

Screenshot 2020-03-17-21-16-29

anthropomorphic cat-rat family called the Drastics are considered to be deal makers and slaves to Eogo Ali Tainter. The kind of deals the Drastic family makes with Eogo Ali Tainter is to fulfill their desires in what they badly want to accomplish with many wanting to have what they want on major levels of obsession. Around 1946, one member of the Drastic family being Jerico Walt Drastic who thought he was doing the right thing when doing this, let Eogo Ali Tainter torture and murder over eighteen million lives so that he can have a power to overthrow God. Many horrors were the roots of Eogos sinister doings, with Zeth Drastic who lost so much of his innocence became a horrible person for some time, murdering and ruining families just like the fully embraced heinous goat Eogo. However, it is unclear on rather Eogo is still around or not from 1959 and so on, but may still be active in some way.

What Makes Him/Her Pure Evil

Written Stats


Getting onto topic on the statistics that I have made for not only Eogo but for Insinmind villains in general, this a stats bar that will give information on how evil they are by these five labels.

D.L (Danger level): This is about how dangerous they are, now the plan for 4th bar Danger Level is supposed to be a nightmare threat to the entirety of the series, in which Eogo belongs. The 4th danger level has no comic relief.

E.C.D (Enforced Crime Doings): This is about villains committing crimes that are enforced to be stopped by the law with villains making a number out of this.

T.C (Thought Carnal): This is about how their thoughts are on thinking evil thoughts, as someones thoughts may affect their choices especially when it comes to the circumstances on how much they think it.

L.R.Q (Lacking Redeeming Qualities): This targets how many lines a villain crosses in lacking redeeming qualities with the last one being no redeeming qualities that also has none of the following being remorse, insecurity, protective, honor, and especially redeeming qualites.

N.A.B (Non Amoral Bar): The section informs the reader on how less amoral they are, with the first two bars being about amoral and the last two being about how non amoral a villain is.

Despite how Eogo has a Shadowy he/she goat form that has a huge amount of darkness, Eogo knows the difference of right and wrong, even as the Shadowy he/she goat he still knows, how Eogo knows is yet to be known. Eogo crosses the 4th bar of the non-amoral bar meaning his moral agency is clear.

Evil actions

  • Is at least responsible for most of the awful events that are happening in the series.
  • Sending souls into nothing from their all mighty creator who gave them life.
  • Torturing and murdering over 18,000,000 lives in a giant cocoon for his goals of a chaotic nihilism.
  • Drove, manipulated and ruined the Drastic family into an overall obsessive madness and others simply going into a darker path by getting to be into their sinful desires with heinous participation being acquired to satisfy Eogo Ali Tainter.
  • Got Jerico to commit acts of pedophilia on his daughter Helena
  • Has a part to play with ths Judmisspast sexual deviant ways that influenced to Carl Drastic to be on a growing process of a complete monster.
  • Is a destroyer of innocence and corrupting influence, making Zeth Drastic become a sadistic murderer for some time.
  • Put spiders on Zeths mouth

Planned official heinous descriptions

This sub heading will be about other heinous acts done by Eogo within description that will also be shown in the novels as well.


  • Originally the name Eogo was supposed to be Iago who's name was from Iago the parrot from Disney Aladdin, but was changed to Eogo later on.
  • The initials of Eogo Ali come from a video game company called EA Games (Electronics Arts).
  • The upside crosses on Eogos ear are labeled as Blasphemy on the first image drawing in the novel.
  • The triangle eyes share some familiarity to the Illuminati triangular symbols with the dollar bill and the all seeing eye being examples.
  • Eogos shares similarity to Baphomet a goat who also seems to share some androgynous traits.
  • His/her older voice envision was Rick D Wasserman and the host of History Channel's Ancient Aliens Robert Clotworthy. Eogos newer voice envision is a Youtuber named Alien Theory, the one who played Jerome and Jeremiah being Cameron Monaghan and His newer a conspiracy Youtuber EntertheStars
  • His/her real name is unknown
  • Eogo is confirmed to be a parent

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