And He shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into the fiery pit!
~ Frollo’s last words

Judge Claude Frollo (also simply known as Frollo) is the main antagonist of Disney's animated feature film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is based on the 1831 French novel of the same name by the late Victor Hugo.

He was voiced by the late Tony Jay who also voiced Lord Dregg, Megabyte, Elder God, and Machestro.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil

  • Devoted his life to a genocidal crusade against the Romani people, persecuting countless of them on account of their ethnicity.
  • Killed Quasimodo's mom in the prologue merely under the suspicion that she's running off with stolen goods, then almost drowned baby Quasimodo in a well upon viewing his deformed face and deeming him a demon from Hell.
  • Only took Quasimodo and raised him to make up for his sin for killing the mother of Quasimodo, out of fear of God's judgment.
  • Raised Quasimodo in the Notre Dame clock tower, sheltered him from the world whilst incessantly reminding Quasimodo of his belief that the world would torture him due to his monstrous appearance, psychologically abusing him in this way.
  • Refused to save Quasimodo from the crowd that was torturing and throwing stuff at him, as he felt Quasimodo needed to be punished for defying him.
  • Projected onto Quasimodo after finding that the latter had befriended Esmeralda by exploding at and berating him.
  • Forced Esmeralda in a double bind between submitting to him or burning alive, due to his own insatiable lust for her, and attempted to burn Esmeralda at the stake when she refused his offer.
  • Blamed his lust on Esmeralda for her "witchcraft and sorcery".
  • Set fire to a large part of Paris, and during the process, attempted to burn a family alive simply because he, delusionally, concludes they're traitors, on the flabby grounds that they've accommodated gypsies in the past.
  • Attempted to have Phoebus promptly executed for not following his orders to burn a family alive.
  • Attacked and defiled the Notre Dame cathedral, while throwing the old Archdeacon down the stairs.
  • Attempted to murder his own foster son, Quasimodo, when the latter wrenches free from his guardian's grasp, even after Quasimodo had saved Frollo from falling just moments before.
  • Commits heinous actions of torturing and wiping out people who stand in his way under the name of God.
  • Does not have any remorse for any of his actions by claiming to be a "just and righteous man" who served God under his name, and always blames it on other people.


  • In the original Victor Hugo novel, Frollo wasn't nearly as bad like he is in the film. On the contrary, the novel depicts Frollo willingly adopting Quasimodo out of genuine mercy after his parents abandoned him. He is even caring towards his foster son until Esmeralda comes on, leading Frollo's lust for her to begin his slow descent into villainy. Interestingly, Disney actually requested for Frollo to be much more evil in the film to put an end to the common trope of "Evil is Cool" among Disney Villains.
    • Puzzlingly, Tony Jay claimed in a video interview that they wanted Frollo to be a more three-dimensional "tragic figure, rather than a flat-out senseless villain" despite his incredible callousness displayed in the film. Writer Tab Murphy even expressed they didn't want Frollo to be vile, but "tortured".

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