I didn't throw you away, your kid did! Ain't one kid ever loved a toy really! Chew on that when you're at the dump!
~ Lotso to Andy's toys
~ Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear's last and most famous words as he leaves Andy's toys to die in the incinerator.

Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear is a tyrannical torturing teddy bear and the main antagonist of the animated Pixar film Toy Story 3. Despite his cuddly appearance, he is arguably the most evil villain in the Toy Story series.

He is a large, evil, pink anthropomorphic strawberry-scented teddy bear who used to rule Sunnyside Daycare like a prison with the help of his former minions - Ken, Big Baby, Stretch, Sparks, Chunk, Twitch, the Bookworm, and the Monkey. Ultimately, Lotso's reign of terror ended when, during Andy's toys' attempt to escape, they got into a confrontation, during which Woody revealed the extent of Lotso's true nature, which caused the other toys, including Big Baby, to turn on him.

He was voiced by Ned Beatty.


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What Makes Him Pure Evil?

  • He turned Sunnyside Daycare into a depressing prison where he forces toys who are lower in the pecking order to be played with roughly by the younger kids, eventually causing them to break, at which point, they get sent to the dumpster, and are likely incinerated. Toys that defy Lotso are placed in solitary confinement.
  • It's implied that by sending toys inappropriate for the age of the children who would play with them to the caterpillar room, Lotso not only subjected the toys themselves to being broken by them, but also subjected the human children themselves to suffer accidents by swallowing toy parts.
  • While he seems to be an innocent bear when first encountered by Woody's gang, it all turns out to be just an act.
  • He tries to corrupt Buzz Lightyear to join him and his gang in the Butterfly Room and leave his friends behind to be tortured by the toddlers in the Caterpillar Room. When Buzz declines, Lotso brainwashes him into becoming one of his minions by forcefully resetting him and lying that his friends were his enemies, then watches with cold satisfaction while he beats down Andy's toys so they could be imprisoned.
  • He tortures Chatter Telephone until said toy told them about the gang's whereabouts, leaving him badly injured and broken.
  • When Ken protests against Lotso putting Barbie in the dumpster, he decides to put him in the dumpster as well.
  • He lies to Big Baby, and once everyone finds out about this because of Woody, he verbally abuses and even shoves Big Baby with his mallet. Lotso’s gang decide to quit working for him after this, followed by Big Baby tossing Lotso in the dumpster.
  • Near the end of the film, he could have had the chance to save Woody and the gang from the incinerator and thus redeem himself. He pretends to have redeemed himself as he's calling Woody for help so he could press the button ans save everyone, but his supposed change of heart is completely fake, which is proven when he leaves them all to die by perishing in the fiery incinerator, complete with a smile and a mocking salute, despite Woody and Buzz just saving his life in spite of everything he did to them and the other toys.
  • As Woody points out, there is no excuse for anything Lotso did, because he lied to Big Baby over being upset that their owner replaced him, which was specifically the result of an accident, not because she didn't love him. He also never came clean to Big Baby over all those years, making him believe that she no longer loved him either, which was never the case to begin with. To summarize it, he abandoned Daisy, not the other way around, due to not being able to accept someone else having her if he couldn't, making his motive a selfish one. By extension, it turns his horrendous treatment of the other toys into his way of angrily lashing out at everyone else with the mindset that if he can't be happy, no one can.

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  • The scene where Big Baby throws Lotso into the dumpster mimics the scene in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, where Darth Vader throws Emperor Palpatine into the reactor shaft of the Second Death Star.


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