Queen Ingrith is the main antagonist of 2019 film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, which is the sequel to Maleficent.

She was portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer.


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What Makes Her Pure Evil?

  • Spitefully pricked her husband, King John, with the spindle that still had the sleeping curse in it, to "curse" him to eternal sleep for wanting to make peace with the fae of the Moors and unite the kingdom of Ulstead with them, and staged it in a way to frame Maleficent for the crime.
  • Enslaved a pixie by cutting off his wings, then forced him to create a deadly substance from iron powder and Tomb Bloom pollen to make that could exterminate magical beings, which she tests on a helpless sprite.
  • Promoted the genocide of the fairies and magical beings. In addition to waging a war between the dark fae to decimate them, she even summoned the moors to a chapel for Aurora and Philip's wedding, only to lock them up where they would be killed in a massacre.
  • She shoots an arrow at Aurora while she is distracted talking to Maleficent, which causes her to take the arrow defending her, causing her to temporarily die instead before she is brought back to life.
  • Threw Aurora from the tower to her death in an act of cowardice just to distract Maleficent and flee.

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