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I haven't seen all the Godzilla movies, but I'm pretty damn sure THIS was never in any of them. It had to be something the creators made up. But what kind of sick f*** would put THIS in a children's game?
~ Zach describing Red.
You can't win Zachary. I've known you for a long time; I'll tell you a secret: I killed Melissa. Send your last monster, I will end this futile struggle.
~ Red to Zachary upon killing all of Zachary's monsters excluding Godzilla and Acacius.

Red is the main antagonist of Godzilla NES. Red is one of the very few occurrences of a Creepypasta villain being a pure evil individual who seems to have at least some basic form of understanding the difference between right and wrong that doesn't have amoral qualities.



What makes him Pure Evil

  • Got Melissa to commit suicide
  • Having souls imprisoned
  • Killed Godzilla and Mothra


  • Red is one of the few creepy pasta monsters that is defeated by the protagonist, as most are victorious over them.

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