I'll give them heroics. I'll give them the most spectacular heroics anyone's ever seen! And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions, so that everyone can be superheroes, everyone can be super! And when everyone's super... [chuckles evilly]... no one will be.
~ Syndrome explaining his true goal to eradicate the supers.

Syndrome, real name Buddy Pine, is a supervillain and the main antagonist of The Incredibles. He was once a fan of Mr. Incredible and wanted to be his sidekick. When he was rejected by Mr. Incredible and arrested, Buddy wanted vengeance for what had happened to him since then. Years later, Syndrome has lured and killed many supers and waited for his moment to do the same with Mr. Incredible.

He was voiced by Jason Lee.


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What Makes him Pure Evil

  • Syndrome lured in multiple superheroes in order to kill them to test the power of the Omnidroid, improving and modifying it every time it lost so that it could kill the hero that defeated the previous version, and thereby, come one step closer to making it powerful enough to defeat Mr. Incredible. Syndrome had been luring in and killing many superheroes for years with this method, with it being confirmed that at least a dozen were murdered this way.
  • Sending missiles at a plane with Mr. Incredible’s family on board. He also forced Mr. Incredible to hear it as the missiles destroyed the plane as a way of trying to break his spirit.
  • When Mr. Incredible threatened to kill Mirage if he wasn't released, Syndrome told him to go ahead and do it, showing how much disregard he has for other lives, although he claimed to Mirage that he knew Mr. Incredible wouldn't go through with it.
  • Unleashing the Omnidroid upon Metroville. He deliberately had it destroy major parts of the city and kill many people so that he can appear and act as a hero to stop it. It is unknown how many people he killed. While Syndrome does save a woman and her baby from being crushed by a truck, he only does so to make himself look good and after announcing his name, he carelessly throws the truck behind. He even pushes random citizens off his way to escape from the Omnidroid once the machine outsmarts him.
  • Attempting to abduct Mr. Incredible’s son, Jack-Jack, so that he can mold him into being a villain.
  • He lacks any excuse for his actions. Even when he was a child, his anger at Bob rejecting him becomes outweighed by his lack of regard for what a hero means. This is especially true when considering that as IncrediBoy, he was very arrogant and self-centered; he went into Bob's car without permission and even claimed, "You don't have to worry about training me!", he assumed without evidence that the reason he's told to go home is because he has no special powers (even though it's evident that it's much more because IncrediBoy was interfering while Bob was trying to stop Bomb Voyage and that Bob was worrying about his safety), and even carelessly went to get the police all by himself when he didn't notice there was a bomb stuck to his cape.

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